The Come Down

by DEF davyne

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This first official release since DEF davyne's 'Scales of a Broken Libra' serves as a segue to his upcoming #lml 'Love My Life" project.


I’m blasting off like astronauts, but wondering what my plan it (planet) costs
Haunted by random thoughts of tragic loss from leaving these aftershocks
Tryna feed my daughter and son without a gun or mask involved
Which means I gotta tour, riding thru the night (Knight) like Hasselhoff
Used to watch MTV with dreams of earning a moon man
But betta than vain fame is what I can gain when aiming for new fans
Funny but labels they label my style money cuz it moves hands
Rapping like Rabbit in 8 Mile, no number 2 chance
One shot, bout to blow up, no Challenger
Blast off, going bang, no silencer
So Cal balancer, lethal caliber
Blood sweat and tears, for years, I put in calendars
Like the Mayans, I followed stars, beyond my time
Chasing Cash, no Johnny, still I walk the line
My rocket’s primed, and success is all that’s on my mind
Dark matter rappers all around me, I gotta shine

Started from the cellar, now I’m, interstellar
Used to wanna reign (want the rain) now I’m over it with a big umbrella
Word to Gerald, got my haters sour as citronella
Little do they know I’m on Tinder tryna find a Cinderella
But I am no Prince, formerly known as
The coolest brother you know, that’s just a show mask
So fast still I’m watching rocket ships go past
Barely holding on, praying that I don’t crash
Cuz up here, the Earth is just a tiny spec
Knowing I could fall at any moment, I ain’t tryna wreck
Foreign territory is what comes with a higher check
Reflection in my helmet, tryna see a man that I respect

Above the atmosphere, don’t need no Atlas here
Ain’t no mashing gears, and I’m way past a Leer
I’m the opposite of Noah when the land appeared
Cuz I keep my feet grounded and I rap sincere
Just got a message from Houston they said “your path is clear”
Helmet and a mannish beard, masking my sad veneer
Half as near to my death, but still no plans of fear
Cuz I’m using God’s sun (Son) as my chandelier


released April 1, 2015
Produced by Sinima Beats



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DEF davyne Eugene, Oregon

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